Ending my Antorca Linux project

22 October 2017

I’ve posted on the Antorca project blog about my decision to end the project. Aside from the reasons stated there, I have also been increasingly busy with uni work and have become more engrossed in web development in the past few months.

Aside from Antorca, I’m considering what to do with a PHP-based social networking project I’ve worked on for the past month in my spare time. You could call it a fusion of Reddit and Twitter. It doesn’t really have a name at the moment, and like Antorca, I don’t really see a need for such a site/project at the moment. Having a one-man operation monitor a social networking site can be a nightmare, and I’m definitely unwilling to let it slide into something like 4chan.

So for now, I’m just preparing for my semester finals and pondering what new projects to work on over the holidays.