In the meantime

6 July 2020

With the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and recession, it's been difficult for non-citizens or permanent residents in Australia to get jobs. Whilst in the midst of my job search, I've been working on several projects.

BiscuitWM - A window manager for Linux, written in Python and based on other Pythonic window managers like TinyWM (the Python version) and xpywm. It also utilises bits and pieces from other projects like xround.

Recipe Book - An iOS app written in Swift and SwiftUI. It allows you to store recipes on your device, and even attempts to estimate the duration of the prep and cooking process based on any time estimates given in the recipe's directions.

Lemonade - More on this soon... but I can at least say its tech stack consists of a Node/Express backend and a Node/Express/EJS frontend.